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My shipping policy

I’m a Makorra shipper who multi-ships. Doesn’t make sense? Well here, I’ll explain:

Let’s compare shipping to pizza shall we? Everyone likes pizza.

Now, OTP shipping is like ordering pizza on the phone or online or something. You know, you’ll eat it at your house, and when you order, you know exactly what you want. No changes.

Multi-shipping is like going to the actual pizzeria. Wandering around, smelling the awesome smells, walking by the display; taking your good, sweet time. Maybe you’ll order plain cheese. Maybe pepperoni.  Maybe pineapple. Hell, you could just get a bunch of different pizza slices and stay, sitting in a booth and contemplating the pros and cons of each type of pizza before deciding to just eat all of them because they’re all so damn delicious.

Here’s what I do:

My method is like going to the pizzeria and knowing I’m going to order pepperoni pizza. Still, I’ll look around, prod at the menu a little bit, get to know my options. If the pizzeria’s out of pepperoni? I’ll be pretty pissed because that’s my favorite kind, but I’ll still have plently of good toppings to choose from.

Hope I got my point across. (Now I want pizza)

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